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well, be cause of my good friend Brett, this theory has hit a snagg!!! EHT has a nonprofit bus set up, and out of all the ones I have seen, get this, they are actually on the ball with their paper work.
However, I will have tax returns next week, I still haven’t figured out what they are fighting for, there can’t be this much money here!!! I can tell you this, because of sloppy paperwork, I wouldn’t let them balance a checkbook!!!
Listen, if it were about money, wouldn’t it be on a track level?? If that is the case, wouldn’t Les, not care who ran the state, and if someone did, and brought more riders, wouldn’t that benefit them?
I ask, because I need someone to figure, why the secrecy? What are we missing?
Les is also the incorporator for NJBMX, so he owns it, regardless of status, profit, or not.