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@Macdaddy wrote:

I agree, both should go. I’m tired of it.

After reading your take on this whole ABA vs NBL thing you are one of those know it all kind of guys. You have some guys that have been around this sport a lot longer then you. Sit back and listen and if you don’t like any of my post DON’T READ THEM.

. @1adam12 wrote:

I dont buy into the BMX family sh*t

That is because you are not a BMXer. Well Adam what have you done for this sport? NOTHING.

@DigetyelaD wrote:

hell no you guys sound like a bunch of babies

After reading some of your post DigetyelaD you are one the only guys on this site that is up front with what you say. I like this guy.

@BIGANT-DOG wrote:

Hello I did not start this crap!!!!!!!!!

Yes you did and I will fix that problem later.

@s4lnj wrote:

nah— but i’m still compelled to read them all

After reading some of your post s4lnj you don’t come off as some of these wack jobs. Your ok to.