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I figures that i would have to defend this.. so…

1) I dont hide, so my name is mike mclaughlin-so now you know who i am. I can be found at Cjbmx, bensalem, bluediamond and egg harbor for anyone who wants to speak to me.

2) it is not total nonsense, while speaking to the track directors from both tracks i found out that the reason they both stayed ABA is becase they got nationals. Bensalem got even more(redline cup?). Neither track gets more than 15 motos on any given race. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN>>> 15 MOTOS. Usually it is more like 8. Do the local riders come from Severn? Bensalem, Cedar ? how about from 1st State? NO. Blue diamond even tried to change when they race. It did not help.

3)Where would they get riders? There are a lot of riders from south jersey that would go to delaware. Flemington is not an option for most south Jersey riders, but Blue diamond is only a “quick drive”. As to the idea that Jersey riders wouldnt go there. Think about this. The state has to close tracks because so many of the Nwe Jersey riders travel to nationals. HMMM… How about the locals who supported Mullica hill? Blue diamond is closer than egg harbor.

Bensalem on the other hand is surrounded by NBL tracks. Flemmington is less than 45 min away, Pottstown, Central Jersey is also close. If you pull a total of 20 racers on an average race then it could not possibly hurt.

I have never posted anything that I could not support. Caveman, Please change my mind. I know you are a loyal ABA guy as is lead sled. I get that. I dont think that one sanction is inherently better than another unlike some others here. We like some things from each one. I only think that there should be ONLY 1 SANCTION!!! Given that this probably wont happen soon I took that idea and used the Delaware Valley as a microcosim(SP?) of the country. More tracks are not the answer, we cant support the ones we have. There are 4 NBL tracks and 2 ABA tracks. They dont help each other, in fact they take every opportunity to degrade each other. How is that helpful? If there were only 6 tracks from one sanction then, I believe, it would help. Maybe that is naive.

I know that the modus operendi of people on this site is to rebuke any idea that they dont lagree with without supporting their OPINION with any logic or facts. That is why I take the time to advance MY OPINION – ridiculous or not – by using logic.

By changin all of the local tracks to one sanction, it would help the riders from Pottstown. They want to be part of the New Jersey state series because the parents have to travel 4 hours for a state qualifier. Having an established track in Bensalem Couldnt hurt.

4) Now, why change to NBL and not the other way around? First, Better to change 1/3 of the tracks than 2/3. Also, in the east there is NO doubt that the NBL is bigger. Why change to a sanction that only allows 3 national east of the appelation(SP) mountains. That does not make any sense. I know, I know, who cares about nationals. Wel let me put this as bluntly as I can. Apparently a lot of people care because they close the state for any close national. Also, if I am ridiculous, then how does anyone explain the fact that there were 3 ABA nationals in the east and 2 of them were at the tracks in question? I know, maybe its coincedence.