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@bmiddaugh wrote:

Janeen says you have enough on your plate with the jerseys. I thought that Nancy was handling the money and you just placed the order. Or does she mean you are getting jerked around so much that it’s almost impossible to get any headway on the jerseys.

Well let’s put it this way. The only thing I am not doing is cutting the jersey guy a check.

New Jersey pro/am series

@bmxgirlmom wrote:

Rich Farside is supposed to be organizing this for 2007.

Will probably be run in a combination of locals and state qualifiers.

Not limited to pros only, unless there is enough interest. Would like to see it limited to Experts and Pros. Novices and Rookies should have to move up to race the series.

By the way Phil D. is a pro. He moved up as did a lot of the other of 17 + experts.

Check with Rich after the Presidents Cup/Christmas Classic…he has enough on his plate right now with the jerseys.

And it looks like I have to add this to my list also.