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You want the best of both worlds? Use the NBL system where all three motos count (called total points in the ABA) but then award points like the ABA. No points awarded for motos, everybody gets one point for every rider in the class, and main finishes are worth points. Actually, that’s how pro is done. For example: with a class of six riders, five make it to the main. The guy that wins the main gets 106 points: 100 points for the main win plus 6 rider points. The guy that gets fifth in the main gets 46 points. 40 points for his main finish and the 6 rider points. The guy that didn’t make the main gets 6 points. And that’s how it should be.

The NBL recently did an unbelievable thing and finally after 30 years changed their pathetic way of awarding more points for motos than the main. Took em long enough. But it’s still not perfect.

All the same I don’t have a problem with the ABA’s transfer system. Motocross is done that way. It’s a lot easier to score and it’s very easy to run mains at local races.

Come to think of it, if you combined the NBL and ABA way of doing things where every moto counts and you always eliminated one rider and went to a main it would be a ball up. After motos were done you’d have to tabulate the scores to see who made the main and then print up main sheets. For every class. Can you say “cluster something”? The ABA way works fine.