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What happened over the weekend really got to me and I’ll speak a little bit about this now. I am so massively concerned for NJ BMX after hearing that Jim Fillipone is now Asst. state commisioner. I think everyone that knows him agrees he is not all there mentally. This is not good. That guy will drag us back into the dark ages if we let him. He seems to be against any kind of promotion or professionalism. It seems he thinks the smaller we are, the better. He’s going to be a huge obstacle not only to the PA system but to a lot of things you’ll want to do.

I’ll talk to Nancy Haugh and see if NJ BMX has enough money to entertain buying a QUALITY PA system. If we do, I’ll continue to pursue it. If not, I won’t.

I hate to be so negative but I forsee big problems with skull-fuk as asst. state commissioner.