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One of my best friends…wasn’t from NJ, he was from PA.
His name was Charlie Huber.
When he passed away about 5 years ago he was actually in DEBT because of his unbridaled PASSION for BMX.
And the man never rode a BMX bike in his life.
IOU’s hung in his bike shop.
Countless dollars were spent to “get the kids involved in BMX”
Endless hours were spent traveling with the kids to the races.
Insane amounts of time were spent just talking about how things “could be”.
Charlie dreamed big…but alas never had the money to make those dreams fully reality.
I owe much of the way I look at things to this day to this man.
I wish he was here today to help me out because I could use his enthusiasm again.
Pictured below is me, Charlie and his only son.

I’m gonna say it and I don’t give a shit.
I loved this guy, he did more for BMX than a thousand Bob T’s.
He cared about the kid just wanting to get into BMX.