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Sorry for not posting in a few days… been away from home and a computer. Yes, the track is going to be changed during the off season. No, the track will not be changed before the Vet day race. Les wanted to change a few straightaways before the Vet race but, after a few talks with myself and Rich F., we thought it might not be a good idea, just incase we got bad weather during the rebuild and really screwed things up for the “big” race. We are currently looking at the first week / weekend of December for redoing the track. We are concentrating on the first staight, moving the first turn back about 5 -10 feet and extending it almost to touch the third turn, redoing the second straight and redoing the rythym section. Depending on the time, machinery, and help we have, will determine what extent of all that gets completed. The turns that get changed will probably not get asphalted until the spring. We need to let the dirt settle so it won’t be bumpy halfway through next season.

Myself, Les and everyone else involved really appreciate all the offers for help and all the concern for the track. We are doing what we can at this point. I understand everyone wants to know when we are working on the track and why we don’t set dates and times.. Les and I both work crazy schedules (i.e.: changing shift work and 24hr shifts), and most of the days that we get out to the track are mid week in the morning to late afternoon. We both know most people can’t make it to the track nor do we expect people to show at those times. We have also gotten too many of the “I’ll be there, count on me” comments and of course…. No one shows up, which is fine, things happen, schedules change and most importantly… FAMILIES COME FIRST! We understand all of this, after all, we are parents also.

What has been happening to the track lately, believe it or not, is nothing new. It’s just that with this forum, as well as the others, word travels farther, faster and reaches way more people that get their interests’ sparked. We will get through this, just like the track got through the same problems with vandelism when I started racing there back in 1979 (no, I wasn’t the one breaking things!!) and all the time in between then and now. I will do my best to keep everyone informed. I will be at the track sometime tomorrow to see what needs to be done. After I talk to Les, we’ll come up with a time to fix stuff and I’ll let everyone know who wants to know.

Thanks for the support and care,

Chris V.