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Yeah the two and 4 man gates are not intended to replace traditional tracks.
Just open more rural areas to more tracks. Ive built countless practice tracks and trails and they can be as fun as any real track. Just add some white chalk lines and go have fun!

Like a national or Multi Point race would never be at a 2 man gate track. Just a way to get more tracks up and running in more areas.
4 man gate tracks in rural areas could get a double pointer and still not draw 20 motos so that wouldnt be a problem. if things are going so well they can pull 20 plus motos we can get the track rebuilt to make it a full 8 man gate.

Hayden your insight would be incredibly valuable. Youve all seen Bretts Zine, first rate and could easily be our newsletter if printed out. The sanction doesnt have to be flashy at first, remember how this all got started with Scot handing out trophies from Motocross races and Ernie Alexander sitting in his apartment running the NBA.

Im sure a few volunteers wil put up some cash or sweat equity in return for part ownership. I can get banners and stickers made easy, I have a nice SUV and can buy a small double axel trailer (my SUV has a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs.) to pull stuff to races. My freind who does banners can do the graphics on the trailer. Maybe others also have a bigger truck or etc.

This can all come together.