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grab a shovel and broom a mic something besides running your complaint department

done (mostly at CJ, I live nearby)
done (mostly at CJ, I live nearby)
and done (only if Dulock is tired, I’m not stepping on his toes he’s bigger than me)
and zine
and site
and several other things (I can tell ya all about that too, but yadda yadda)
nah, ya know what..after this weekend, I will…
and CJ’s site
and the video for CJ
and working with Jeff on the ’07 site
lol… in fact as I was keeping track of all the stuff here I was working on posting the pictures for last weekends race at CJ and the top twenty winners..
and getting a way to get our spring series points together (just a simple excel thing)
say what you want
actions speak louder than anything, you’re right and I’ve also pointed out when people are out there taking care of the tracks, so they get recognition (one of the things that got me in trouble earlier in the year, thankless job…not unthanked….note to self, have Janeen check grammar more often)
I’m Brett Middaugh
Pleasure to meet you.
Who are you?