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MAcdaddy… Great answer and point. Gold Cup East in OHIO. THATS EAST.. I look at MAps all day long. Thats MID WEST!

Your answer from the gold cup proves my point. ABA back EAST won’t work or shall I say PROBABLy won’t work. Its all about the sanction power. Hayden we all know your realtionship with the ABA. No doubt you would be tickled pink if “it” meaning the state would go ABA. Rules are different. They’re whole way of doing things is different. They have some good points and bad as they both do. Bottom line.. BAsic FAct. The kids and competitors of this sport will get alot more out of BMX back here as a NBL rider. Will everyone agree. heck sometimes I don’t agree but it is the way it is. Some of the Stronger riders building thru the ranks will engage in the ABA going out west and what not. It would take alot to get the ABA build up back east.. In fact the NBL woould not allow it. The US is split and half and has been for along long time. ABA out west and NBL back East and a little mixture in the middle. A new sanction would be the answer. Someone who knew how to put the propper people in place and take constructive points form all would burry both sanctions. Its odd because we all grew up racing it and all of us now are adults. I have to say I am surprised no one has done it yet. BMX could be a very profitable venue if it were run like a business.

The best of luck to you all and I know we all have one thing in common whats best for the riders both young and old..