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maybe this should be made clear, and im sure that other racers who are local “racers” yes local racerx you know the ones that live within like 10-15mins. The normal local riders are the only ones that are usually there late at night. the local riders are the only ones usually there for no reason besides causeing problems or getting in the way. The local riders are the only ones so far to get cought vandalizing the track. the local riders are the ones that have been threatened by less for what they do when no ones there.
Just because you come on here and say that you have told them to stop and you have cleaned up the track doesnt clear them. You are not the problem you are one of the many solutions to a never ending problem.
I have personally gona there and have fixed peices of the fence, back a couple years ago we repainted the entire fence. This could go on for days with people saying what thye have done. but that is all that it is anymore but things that have been done. all that counts now is whats going to be done. Hopefully after patmos is done the locals will be gone.