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Brett, I disagree with you on a few points
1) To do it so we get big races isn’t going to help the local scene, which is what needs to be built up!! Yes I’m pro ABA but what we need now are stronger local programs, which means co-opration from all, and more get out the word
2)As far as the ABA goes, there system is a little easier. Less different plates, no plates for novices, points system structure is better, and so on. That being said, it does nothing to encourage new growth!!! New riders no none of this!! The complexities of the current state structure are what are slowing growth!! Less meetings morre action!!!!!! Throughing it in Bob Ts face isn’t going to help anything, only the people you have at the local level will make the difference at getting the ball rolling, as well as a few rule changes.
And yeah I’d be happy if they were all ABA tracks, I’m biased