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first off racerx thats when i spend the most time i have at that track is on none race days. everyones back to school leaving the track free of the locals. That gives me the time i need to work on parts of that track i need to w/o having them in the way. ask any racer that goes there strickly for racing to practise on a none race day and i bet everyone of them will have a complant about the locals. Yes there is alot of people that go through that track but take a ride through there at 11pm how about 1am and there s local sitting there on the jumps. Its a park, the park closes at dusk. there for they dont belong there.
Heres an interesting fact. earlier this year when a rumor was going around that less was going to close the track the locals claimed that racers dont belong there and that they are going to take over and run the track the way they wanted. Yes the locals, so racerx what do you have to say about racers not beeing aloud at eht bmx track.
heres some key points that prove its the locals. (all incodents have had certain locals prosecuted)
1. Soda machine broken into soda was stolen as was the money.
2.Hyper trailer broken into at east coast national. A cr50 pit bike was stolen.
3.Eht track gets shot up with paintballs. 3 local riders stepped forward and admitted to getting mad that there was a race and they werent aloud to ride the track.
these are just three key point in the past 2 years. theres tons of witnesses that have seen them empty trash cans on the track doing stalls on the fenses. breaksing them when they do it.
this is all getting out of hand even with the police checking in here and there.it takes true racers who understand the importance of that track and how important it is to the raceing community to have a track like that in that great of condition and to be open all the time.