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All Rich had to do was register and touch the gate each moto for last place points. I know he knows that but obviously chose not to do that. He put all his chips on Cruiser that weekend. The rules are clearly posted about needing to be at the Grands to qualify. If Rich decided he could not race at all and stayed home, he still would have had to register and show the NBL proof of an injury that prevented him from racing and they would have credited him for being there but no points would be given. I know this because I had a lengthy discussion with a gal at the NBL trailer in Trumbull.

I know it stinks that he dropped that far in the standings, but the reason they have the rules is so you go to the Grands to get your plate. The rolling ATM as Brett calls it. I’m not defending it, just stating the facts as they are right now.

When I got my #46 Plate for 35-39 Cruiser at the Grands, I was having fun saying to everyone “You wanna see what $55 looks like?” and then show them my #46 (actually $280 if you count all 5 Nats). And at the Nat level half the time I was MotoFill on cruiser. I moved up 13 spots and yet I went 5-6-5 in motos, but I know its because 13 people didn’t show up or moved up to 40-44 that weekend.

That my $.02 on the subject.