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Yeah Jenny is good people but a traitor, she is now into … gasp Mountain Bikes. I know, say it aint so. The Woodworths also traded in their Vans for clips long before the BMXrs did the same. To the deepest Banzai pit of burning ash may they all fall.

Just kidding lol.
Ok here is an idea hold an old school picnic at the track Howell so its central.
invite Harry, maybe call down to Vineland and find Sal and Terry (Jenny lives in CO). Maybe drive up to the old craigmeur site to talk with Harry and record it all on video tape, invite thru VBMX OS BMX and these forums all the guys that remember Craigmeur and or raced in Nor Jersey.

Swapmeet of parts and bikes, scrapbooks of memorys and story telling. Wont cost a dime but some gas and some hot dogs on the bbq etc everyone bring something, like a pot luck 🙂