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Im almost certain that the Hacketstown track never opened for races. But I may have it confused with a track run by Sam Conti – Piscataway
that never opened. Both the ABA and NBL listed tracks that never actually opened. Sometimes they leave tracks listed after they have closed.

In 1981 the year I moved to California this is the tracks I know were open that year or close to it. I was racing all ABA by 81 so I could be wrong and the tracks switched sanctions so much I may have that off a bit also:

ABA in 81-
Bargaintown*** (Aka EHT)

NBL in 81
Millville*** (cant remmber if it closed in 80 or 81 or?)
Hunterdon County (Believe it had switched from Petes to Library in 81)
[FYI Flemington also had a Non-sanctiond track in the 80s behind the Flemington YMCA]

WWBMXA in 81? (Old NBA turned NBMXA tracks) I nver raced a WWBMXA race so no clue on that.
Vernon Valley?

***I believe these tracks were both ABA and NBL at one time.
I know in 1978 Vineland was NBA then I think it went NBL then ABA and then back to NBL. Jenny would know for sure.

Greg Ferguson (Wooden Wheels), Richard Farside (Checkered Flag, his dads auto lot, Hutch and Mike Lynch (SE then Cyclecraft) all raced a ton back then also.

Dave if you and others ever seriously want to try to start a new sanction Im down ( I have one guy in Texas said hes down). Bigggest issue is getting Insurance. We could piggy back on another sanction like MX or GoCart Racing or just get lucky and find a goodinsurance underwriting deal.