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Check out this thread I posted:
Looks like you’re missing a few. I got an answer to my question on Vintage BMX. The 83 NBL paper showed four tracks in NJ. They were:
Doesn’t say much about the NBL if the ABA had 14 tracks in NJ while they only had four and they were headquartered here.

So that makes 18 tracks in NJ at one time. I imagine that was the height of it. When I started a mere three years later there were four. That dropped to two in 90. Pretty pathetic huh?

Everybody gives their reasons why BMX died. Freestyle, skateboarding, video games, insurance troubles, real estate boom, etc. It’s taken me 18 years to come to a new conclusion. This is the sanction’s business. They are the ones that make money off it. It’s their livelihood. They are the ones that let it die. They dropped the ball. If you’ve got good business sense you will make your business grow no matter what the circumstances.

I could preach for days about that. I won’t.