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hey dont roll your eyes at me young man!! i forgot thats where you put the announcements…sorry!

i see you guys were busy bees sounds like you hit alot of good topics.

i like all the discussion items one in particular i was curious about. when someone asked why is the east coast nat always at eht i ask why the heck is it always at the WORST time of the year…. MARCH?APRIL when we have the most unpredictable weather up here in the ne??? i have asked some folks (powers that be) this in the past why we cant switch with some other national like north carolina when its hot as hell there dosnt take a brain surgeon to figure it out… we would be better off in may and they would have beautiful spring weather in april… duhh! lets see nj take the memorial weekend national for a change instead of freezing our butts off( although we have been lucky a few times but mostly have a better chance of rain/wind gusts of 30mph/ temps in the 40’s)

beats the hell out of me?