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I only met Harry once but will never forget it.
I was one of the guys that helped build Lawrenceville. Mind you Marty ran it and hired a backhoe operator but I was there to help give direction and the newspaper came out to take pictures of us on the track before it was finished. Other racers that helped were Kim Wolfkill and Paul Smith.

After racing NBL most of 1978 in 1980 I was racing ABA as much as possible trying to get Penn-1 #1. I lived on the Delware river (PA side) and once rode to Lawville to race.

One day I was hanging out at Lawville on a non race day with Marty and had been trying all year to get him to go ABA. That day Harry showed up and was trying to get Marty to go NBA. I argued a bit with Harry, and Marty ever the politician, just listened. Lawville never went ABA or NBA. Either way the NBA was history and the better sanction went on to become the biggest sanction in the history of BMX.

That being said, Im sorry the NBA died now and wished I had raced it a few times. Now that im not a punk teen, I realize how much Harry did for BMX in New Jersey and how much work he must have put into Craigmeur. (I spectated the 80 nationals there, I didnt race for some reason if it was after Flemington then thats the reason, i seeperated my shoulder at that race)

Harry Meyers was to North Jersey BMX what the Zueners were to South Jersey. Some of the best times of my life were those early days of BMX and without realizing it then, guys like Harry were the reason.