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I can help you with this
John you have not done a terrible thing. We (The NBL) encourage people like you to keep up your good work. Make sure you tell everyone it is ok to pull your brakes at the finish line so you don’t get that move up point. If you or your daughter are ready to turn up We (The NBL) will give you a discount on a cruiser license so you can still race. Or you can use the new bring a sandbagger and you will get credits on your move up points. See how this works is if you’re a novice it will take 20 move up points to become an expert. But new for 2007 is for every sandbagging buddy you bring your number will increase. So let’s say you’re a novice and you bring 4 sandbaggers out. Now instead of turning expert at 20 move up point this will bump you to 24. My goal is to have a sandbagger in every novice and rookie class by the end of the year. So keep up the good work. We need people like you.

Sandbagging President
Bob T Sandbagger