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I just want to apologize for flyng off the handle this a.m.
As ya know I’m pushing hard in a lot of directions and this sort of flipped me out.
I have taken to heart what one person has said about just having a couple of “us” at the next state meeting.
I am having the UBMXRC meeting this weekend at my place in Brick.
Everyone is welcome to come down. Everyone…this means anyone who can make it from the board or any of the tracks as well…you can all find out what is up with the whole “council discussions” locked topic thing.
PM or email me for directions.
If we can get our ideas together outside a formal board meeting it will make things better.
I can also explain to everyone how a meeting is supposed to go, so we don’t just have people flying out with crazy b.s. when we are trying to accomplish something.
I’m also thinking it might be a good idea to elect a few of us as “official” reps to the board.

Ya gotta look at it like this:
The NJ BMX Board is supposed to be the grand high council of BMX in NJ. Which is the way I look at it.
We now have a group of people who say they are willing to help.
As we may know from the business world, no business just wants to get bombarded by everyone’s little agendas.
So the “outside” people get together, get some reps and send them off.

I set a bad example this morning by flying off the handle. But I really care about this and people who have a tendency to love what they are into get emotional about things at times.

So the invite is open to all for Saturday afternoon, 4:30’ish Brick NJ.
The topic is BMX in NJ and how to HELP get it bigger then ever.
I’m hoping to see some of you here.

Oh and whoever is going in for hospital duty, get well soon…
Jeesh, you could at least tell us who it was so we can wish them well, might make ’em feel better about all the work they do at the track!