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you can still race flemington and make it to howell for the meeting( or wherever it is) our race is usually over by 1:30 latest

i think people are just trying to help/ no daggers thrown at anyone give them the benefit of the doubt…maybe its just 1-2 people that cant make it? or maybe people dont want to open a can of worms so to say?? so its better to leave as it then to hash it out?? i dont know. change is scarey for some but without discussion we go nowhere.

if some tracks have issues they need resolved maybe they should leave those subjects for antoher day in their track meeting and just talk about the “state issues” at this meeting? maybe thats why the meeting is postponed… i for one dont know the specifics of what is happening at each track ( nor do i care to discuss it here) but the state meeting should be about state topics. maybe if the topic on ajenda were posted people would decide if they were coming or not?? just a thought.