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does anyone know who organized this meeting/ who all was invited, etc what the ajenda was supposed to be? i had heard it was supposed to be important but just heard about it thru this site..

why did the meeting get cancelled? werent there people that were supposed to present something important there? who wasnt going to be there that it had to get cancelled? can it be postponed till after the race on sunday( i would assume most howell folks would be there then so that has to be 1/2 the captive audience right?) i also thought that there were pres cup jersey people who needed info from riders as well… anyway i understand if 1 or 2 people cant make it but if all the track officials cant then why was it scheduled in the first place?

anyway i have to say i am disapointed for one ( i blew off a party that i didnt want to go to anyway soo….) i asked jeff morgan if he was going he said he didnt even know about the meeting.. not knocking any officials but i would think that if he didnt know about it something is wrong( if you know jeff)

is there a way to let EVERYONE know about it( mass email whatever) when the date is set?

why does it sound like no one wants to meet…just cause you have a meeting dosnt mean everything gets done in one shot- it may take several meetings to resolve whats ill with nj …jmo….