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If you are really serious about the commitment you will have to make to start a track, here are some words of advice of someone who has done it a few times before;
Take the time to look for private lots in the area you like, either for sale or owned by someone who is interested in BMX. Private lands will save months of time, money, and above all HASSLE. Take the time to look because private is the way to go in the long run AND short run.
(I’ve had problems with Townships because everything had to go out for public bid, EVERYTHING, even donated dirt and equipment).
If public is the way you chose to go, be prepared for the hassle, really prepared, before you talk to anyone, create a business plan. Include everything you can think of. The NBL will provide you with most of the info you need (and probably the ABA, but I’ve never tried)but not all.
Get Demographic info, potential local income ie., hotels, restaurants, convienence stores, etc., and above all insurance, insurance, insurance. Be well organized, when you say BMX to most people they think ” juvenile delinqents” you have to prove that “you”, as the only face of BMX they will see, are someone they would like to have a relationship with.
Good luck to anyone who is willing to try