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dont get me wrong i would love 5 tracks in nj but sometiems when there are too many riders will say no one in class to race if there are only just say 3 16 x in the state and each one goes to a diff track to race 1 day a week then there isnt a class and no comp. most experts go to tracks not for local points but for competition/ other riders their age to race against. does no one any good racing a 13 yr old. thats what happend in nj we used to have 10 kids in my sons class now you are lucky to end the season w/3 for states.

i agree run the tracks on weekend regardless of nats/ regionals that are scheduled… so get rid of the rookies at nationals and they will race locally 😛 if they are that good to race at a national level they should be novice ( ok here i made some enemies i am sure)

i didnt realise there were so many tracks bitd but what happend back then> how long did they survive and why did they close? history has a habit of repeating itself unless you correct whatever they did or didnt do…

glad to hear you guys are sparking new ideas i personally would like to see the older experts stay in the sport longer- seems like once they get a girlfriend/ car its so long bmx( till they have kids of their own then make a comeback if they are lucky) although im sure alot has to do with the money factor( teenagers have to work and pay for own races no more mom/dad footing the bill.