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Back in my day, 79-85, I raced both.
It’s very easy to race aba
You only get points in the main.
Someone at every race is not going to make it, so yes, the feel good thing of everyone gets a trophy goes out the window, BUT this is racing, so somebody has to lose.
They always run mains.
3 motos- transfer out.
run main.
They do state series but they ALL run under the same rules, those plates like nbl plates can only be run in state.
At all races you go to you get district points, that count towards your district plate that you run anywhere, (sorta like a regional plate, but you aren’t sucked into the money machine of having to hit some dumb regional championship). In the 80’s NJ had 4 districts, the biggest being in south NJ and far north NJ.
If you want a high district plate you better be racing lots of locals or kicking national ass as district points are also earned at nationals.
Nationals are best left to Lead explaining.