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The money left over that I account for adds up to $95.00 a rider.
The tracks are seperate entities that pay their own maintenance.
Which if everyone orders a jersey, and has to pay for it before hand they only get reimbursed if they go.
Oh, it was Behm who got kicked out of a state meeting for asking to see where the money is going.
Again, I’m not accusing or making weird rumors.
I’ve just been to 4 meetings and never seen anything that says where the money goes and what costs what.
It’s in the bylaws.
But “budget” meetings are always “closed” meetings.
Give me a break, just say x to jerseys, x to pens, x to plates.
That’s why people like the Behms start wondering what’s going on, ’cause ya keep all the nonsense like where the money is going for legit stuff secret.