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when it comes to the sanctions tracks are like a hot drunk chick in a bar they will tell what ever you want to hear to get you home with them. But the next day after the deed is done the story changes. I havent been around much in the last few years but in the 15+ years I did race that was the story with bolth sanctions. A lot of tracks went aba or nbl and they didnt get the sopport they needed. NJ is probably prime pickens for the ABA to come in and jump start bmx in this state or take over. Ridership and moto counts are WAY down. A huge part of the kore families that did NJ bmx good are no longer around because people moved on or grew up. I am not down playing the scene now and those who sopport it because there always be a solid local core who do a great job but its just different and a whole lot smaller. Maybe its just my time has passed and its not the same. Hats off to those still around or came back. I always said the national/reginion programs are what killed the NBL. after 1990 ABA just died out a bit in NY/NJ area. I always liked the gold cup championship and how it was more local oriented. when I first started i couldnt go to nationals because i was beginner or novice some form of eliteness or higher level of compitition needs to return. I the argument becomes what about my kid or it should be for everyone and yes it should but thats what locals programs should be for. Dont listen to Bob or Clayton they could more but its a buisness and as long as there getting paid they dont want to change the recipe.