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Lets get one thing straight here, when we showed up for gate practice the gate was up. when we were on our way over to register less sent someone up to take it down. bottom line before anything could have been said he took it down.
Second of all i doubt anyone even knows what happened to get little victor suspended do they.
Victor was suspended after he was threatened by a 33yr old man. yes threatened. the man said he was going to take v out in the parking lot and beat his a**. now is that what bmx is turning into. All V said was what you have a problem with a 12 yr old beating you.
next before Big victor could get over to the registration to tell them about it the man got in his face a threatened him. he warned the guy. so what is EHT BMX’S problem to not confront the whole problem.
Less told him it was a personal problem, no no its not less threats have been going on at that track for more then 5yrs now. enough is enough if something cant be done about it they need to put someone in charge that can handle it.

So hears my biggist question and this is for janeen. You said it was going to be taking care of, if it was taking care of then why was the 33yr old man that threatened a 12yr olds life able to race the state championship. and my briother was suspended for 2 weeks.
Bob T. (director of compitition) said that was a stupid call of the tracks part. and thta victor would be aloud to race, but nope less has a personal grudge with victor becuase of the past. Everyone knows that for the past few weeks victor has stayed in the van and ignored it all.
enough is enough something needs to be done.
No parent in NJ can tell me differant that if there childs life was threatened by a much older man that they would do nothing. and what would you do if the man cut you off causeing problems. exactly, you would do the same. all everyone wants to do anymore is say they want things done they want actions takin.
Well why dont we see them. when you have riders threatened, the track does nothing but try to get rid of it the easiest way.
Maybe things would be differant at eht bmx if everything wasnt a secret. nobody knows when elections are. Maybe the track should take some lessons from cj bmx. now thats how a track needs to be run. I have to say that that is one of the best run tracks in the u.s
EHT has one of the best tracks but lets face it its a joke. maybe the new riders council should look into it and see why things are going down hill every year.
when we first started racing there 5yrs ago they would hit 30 motos at every local race but now look everyone is getting turned away.
point made things need to be looked into at that track and weather people wanna face it or not when the truth comes out about the 2 that run it they can decide if they wanna admit it if victor is the problem or not. he wants changes and they wont listen.