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I totally agree, as long as we can laugh about it after the race. 😀

Racing is racing, that is why we keep coming back.

I will admit to riding outside my abilities a couple of times, but its usually me who gets hurt. Knock on wood, I haven’t taken a tumble since South Park. I am also guilty of pushing the envelope on nights where I was not the fastest out there, or maybe not coming out of the gate like I’d want to. Like I said to the guy who called me out, this is RACING, we race the whole track, and lets race to win as long as we dont intentionally do something to hurt the other rider.

My fifth race back, the second day of the nat at EHT, I was on the bubble in the semi getting passed in the last turn (I was running out of gas). Someone who we all respect very much came up to me and said you gotta do whatever you have to in order to make the main. I had the inside line and should have rode the guy out to the edge of the turn to see if he would back down, but I did not, and he got around. He was not in position for a hi-low, and I would have been “just protecting my line”. Thats racing, and when its been done to me, I respect it and try to learn from it.