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Taken from Vintagebmx.com

The latest Chris Hubel news: He is now home, back in michigan. He has to go to Physical, occupational and speach therapy 6 days a week. They are expecting a full (meaning normal, probably not racing) recovery. It will be a couple of months before he can go without his turtle shell. The Ti plates will stay in his jaw, but I’m not sure about the 2 rods and all of the screws in his back. His mouth is still wired shut for a couple more weeks. No word on all of the insurance issues, but not my personal bussines anyway. Even if insurances kicked in, a 2 percent copay comes out to more than most of our houses! We (j & C Racing) are still happily accepting PayPal donations toward the bills that are piling up.http://www.jandcracing.com Thanks to everyone for all of your support and kind words. John Glannan