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Funny that you say that Bill. I had a talk with the wife after I got back from Brazil and that is what it looks like will happen after this NBL Grands. Next year will be ABA only. It’s too much trying to race both and the ABA seems to have a much better product. Plus my daughters birthday is on the NBL Grands race (9-2) and I have missed it for two years now (she will be three in September, that is sad). Then with the kids starting school in late August it is much harder for them to miss during the first weeks of school than during Thanksgiving. JD goes into first grade this year, plus he likes the ABA races better than the NBL due to the sandbaging that he ran into at the NBL nats.

By cutting the NBL racing out I will be able to travel more and hit some of the big ABA races (A nats) including some west coasters next year.

I had to make a choice that fits our situation and I think this is the right one.