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So who do I call at the nbl? If I mention Carol Gleason on the phone it may drive people mad.
How about this….
A group of us drop an “aba” track in. Only thing is it’s all the same guys who race nbl, we race, talk up all the tracks, make people want to ride…sorta…like…what…we do now.
Let’s get nuts….
The aba is stoked to have an track in “nbl” NJ. So we say give us a redline race. But we’d like to run it the weekend before or after an nbl regional or national that goes on here. (I can see peoples freaking heads SPINNING as I type this, bob will never let that happen, blah blah blah…remember we have an ace to play…) Now gee, what would this do.
Give all kinds of people a chance to race all the tracks in nj, in big events close together and holy bajeepers…all those nbl guys race the aba track and all the aba guys race the nbl track in NJ and they all….get along? How strange. Because NJ has always know what it’s about…BMX.
And don’t even say it’s a bad idea, because it’s already proven to work. We did it 20 years ago when Carol Gleason (nbl) and Jimmy Cerullo (aba) had two of the biggest tracks on the east coast.
Holy shit, an aba and nbl track director talking and working around each others schedules? What a novel idea….
This is what NJ has done for BMX since it’s inception. We lead. By example. We just gotta do it again.
and the aba isn’t evil because they are for profit.
and the nbl isn’t the worse organization in the world either.
It’s time for NJ to do what it always does, throw down its attitude and get the job done.
Ya know what got me going on this?
I saw Phil at the track last night, that dude is a bundle of BMX energy beyond belief.
EVERY time I see him, he is pumped on being on that bike. Smiling, busting chops, having fun.
It wasn’t there last night…
It broke me down man, we gotta do something soon before this thing implodes and we’re all over at Breton Woods remembering back when they used to race those BMX freestyle bikes…
Is there not one other person here who is with me on this?