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I wasn’t looking for any track that ever existed in NJ. I was more looking for the highest number of tracks that ever existed at one time. Assuming 83 was the height of BMX, if the ABA had 14 tracks and the NBL was headquartered in the state you could imagine they had at least 7 tracks which is a total of 21 tracks in NJ at one time. That’s huge! That’s an average of one per county. Maybe the NBL only had three but 17 tracks in NJ is still nuts.

That dropped to 2 in 1990. Deptford and Braddock both closed in the end of 89 leaving just Flemington and Egg Harbor.

So does anyone have an old NBL paper from 82 or 83? Or an ABA paper from 82? Craig may be right. 82 may have been more the peak for BMX in NJ.