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I don’t know what to say, you know things can go wrong on the track, but the NBL trend is more like X-games racing, one rider from NJ who went,and has been to my back yard, said it was like racing to your jumps at full speed!!!!! He said I would have done well cause of it
People who have never atemped this stuff shouldn’t be on tracks like that.
And no, Rich I guess he isn’t paralized, but not in much better shape!!!
Morphine is no JOKE, I had the unfortunate experience of waking up in an ICU and being pumped full of it for days. After I was off the pump that seemed to be the worst, cause they gave a huge dose one shot!!!
I had halucinations on the stuff
I hope a sense of normalcy returns to their life, and the NBL, well I hope they pick up the tab for what his insurance doesn’t cover.
When you sign that waiver, you sign it stating you wouldn’t sue the track or the NBL. But since the town did show upto shut it down, and did not I bet they get sued and that will be that for South Park.