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From VinatgeBMX yesterday….

OK, here’s the deal on Chris Hubel. His mouth is wired shut (jaw broken in 2 places), he has 2 rods/pins, several screws and a bone graft from his hip in his back. They moved him out of ICU yesterday. His left arm was not broken, but is weaker than his right. His esophagus was not torn but that is a common occurrence from installing an airway in the field. They have had him sitting upright and eating chicken broth and stuff like that. Of course the mind protects us from bad happenings and he has no recollection of the crash.
Today they were talking about moving him to a rehab facility in Pittsburgh.
I talk with his mother twice a day for updates. She is staying in a “family house”. It is something like a hotel for people that have loved ones in the hospital. She stays with him in his room more often then taking the shuttle back to the house. She likes to stay because he isn’t always thinking right from the morphine and tries to get up! When they can downgrade him to Demerol his thought processes will be much clearer and he will know better than to try to get out of bed.
The BMX community has let me down on the fund-raising. I must be doing it wrong. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I haven’t even sold enough stickers to pay for a week at the “family house”. It’s around $40.00 per night. Stickers are available for $10.00 at:
Buy as many as you want.
The next issue is that their insurance co is fighting them because of some kind of extreme sports clause, this does not look good.
Sorry if this rambles, it’s late and there are too many things to state or address all at once. Feel free to contact me at bmxdad500@hotmail.com.