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its funny how everyone says it was a small race( total numbers small) but my sons class had 32 riders ( 1/4’s) and on day 2 his 1/4 could have easily been the grands main for this yr… maybe the question to ask is what classes were not represented there and why… were the rookie or nov classes down or was it the experts?? is it consistant with the rest of the national attendance ( which is also way down)

someone who is good with stats can easily figure this out( not me, sorry)maybe compare it to the rockford aba race and see what classes were not represented well.

dont know what the answer is but i know the discussion of removing the rookies from the grands will never go anywhere ( sorry) yes that discussion wont even happen w/bobt as there is just too much money to be made going for that #50 rookie plate( sorry not meant to offend anyone) i know when we started doing nats when dan was a novice there were no rookie plates at the grands. in fact i believe the following year they started giving novice plates up to 10(correct me please if i am wrong… maybe my memory is shot??) you can ask jimmy mulhern as i think one of his boys got screwed out of a plate that year they said top 20 then changed their minds to top 10 at the last minute… contoversy big time w/many a parent freiking out…..(heres your number but sorry…no plate, kid)

i am really confused as to what you all are really trying to do? dont waste your energy on a losing battle… try to change what you can- so you dont lose your passion for the sport in the process.( ie banging your head against a brick wall)

just my 2cents