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Rolling ATM machine…jeesh…
not quite as funny a joke after this weekend though.
SP, Louisville…imagine if these tracks were on PRIVATE property like CJ.
Boom. shutdown.
I could easily see a massive lawsuit from the current thinking.
L-Yes, your honor. Joe Smith was a 15 noviceracing the nationals when he wrecked on the..
J-Excuse me, novice?
L-Yes, your honor novice class. It’s a ranking where a lesser skilled…
J-Yes, I know the definition of novice.
J-So this organization allows people with insufficient skills to race on tracks designed for national caliber riders?
L-Well your honor Nick is a national ranked novice in his…
J-I’m not following this how can you be a “nationally” ranked underskilled rider, shouldn’t only skilled riders be nationally ranked?
L-Well your honor they also allow beginners on the track and…
J-Sorry? Beginners…people who have never raced before are allowed on a course designed to test the best riders in the country?, I’m ruling in the favor of the plaintiff as allowing an underskilled rider on a course designed for nationally ranked riders is a clear act of gross negligence.

Am I completely nuts in this logic?