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bob t had no choice but to cut back sat to 2 moto transfer. the hospital director of emergency services called the county and complained that they had 2 riders life- flighted in 15-20 mins and they refused to take any more patients from the race…. this is first hand info not hearsay….they asked for it to be shut down…. so the county officials w/mayer went directly to the track to tell bt to shut it down right away. if bt didnt do something the race would have been cancelled. so he changed to 2 moto transfer( less chance of crashes) and promised to “tune down” the 2nd straight( they just filled it in a little and kind of pretended to change the lip on that one jump).

we were camping next to the pa state commis and this was the word from the track director as to why that was done. so either race 2 motos or none at all. they also said there is a 99.9% chance that this event will not be at the same location next year or any year for that matter.( accd to the county officials)