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i have to remember the rider has to decide not the parent/ or peer pressure or whatever

It still amazes many of us older riders, how many parents will yell at and intimidate their kid at a race. (Not you bmxmom, I just pulled your quote because it was really good)
Until you get on a 20″ bike, go as fast as you possibly can towards a jump and launch off the lip WITH about 6-7 other racers you can’t understand how risky this is.
I quit racing back in the 80’s because I suddenly realized one day that my fate rested in the hands of everyone else in my moto as well as my own abilities. So I gave it a rest and started freestyling.
Racing is no joke, it’s not people on little kids bikes messing around, it’s serious…(well mostly, pay no attention to the old kids on the gate, laughing all the time…)you can easilly get wrecked big time and through NO fault of your own.
Regarding south park…I keep saying this and no one has the balls to tell the nbl or the aba that it’s time to step up and make a national series where the tracks are harder and for experienced riders. Then the local T.O.s have to NOT cave to peer pressure and make local tracks that are not intimidating to new riders.
We also need some decent training facilities for racers. Ha, the nbl sold everyone the “olympic” dream and freestylers blew right past everyone with espn and dew…
You have to be a progressive thinker in order to make any change.