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Um…Mac just made some good points.
Our websites are very important, frequent updates are important.
I believe a lot of this comes down to apathy, and I hope people don’t take offense, but…
When things take a down turn, when the sanctions won’t cooperate to help the local scene (see Mr. Hill’s post above) people get so downtrodden that it becomes depressing to continue on. Some hardened souls will do it because they’ve been doing it so long they don’t want to see it die.
From my P.O.V the state is moving forward, rather quickly with things.
I will say this though, the board needs to get back to having meetings and they must start to take some actions that may “annoy” some people but it will be for the betterment of BMX in NJ.
Mac, you aren’t talking about the meeting after the first state qualifier..where I just rambled on and on are ya? I don’t remember any screaming matches there. I wasn’t at a meeting after the national though.
Hey….the flyers will be done in 10 days… That required cooperation, compromise and cool heads and we got it done. 1 step at a time.