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We cant even get the management at a certain south jersey track that will not be named but is in egg harbor to listen. The State director Quitand the nbl cant or won’t do anything. This state is in shambles


What are we supposed to be listening to? What does Egg Harbor have to do with the State Commish quiting and the NBL? Also what does EHT have to do with the “state being in a shambles?” EHT is just 1 of 3 tracks in NJ. We do not run the state. We do not control the state organization. We are just a piece of the whole picture. I am on the board, and believe me no one track calls the shots. There are board members from every track and we work as a team for the betterment of NJBMX not for our home tracks. The only time a track gets to say “we want this” is when we are planning the qualifiers. They then get to say we can do this weekend, but not that weekend.
Please explain. I am part of the management of EHT and have no clue what you are talking about. I am there every race day and I have had exactly 0 people come to me with any suggestions, complaints or whatever. So if we are supposed to be listening to something let me know.
I am more than happy to listen to anyone as long as they are being constructive, not destructive.

I’m pretty damn angry right now. I get so tired of people bitching about this track, that track or whatever, and yet they are the people sitting in the stands or wandering around the parking lot bad mouthing the people, tracks etc of NJBMX. We work our asses off for the kids and riders of NJ and all the other states that come to ride in NJ and all we get is back- stabbing, bitter, vindictive diatribe against everything we do. Basically what I would like to tell the people who tend towards the above type of behavior is to speak up, step up or shut up!

EHTBMX gives more back to its riders every year than any other track in this state and possibly in the northeast. What more do the parents of the riders want? Somebody mentioned the old spring series and we reinstated it. Somebody mentioned a 16 & over series and we offered one. Not much success on it this year, but we’ll keep trying. Everytime we are approached with a viable, constructive suggestion, we try to implement it. Last year people had a hard time with registration times, we changed them, wanted double races to make up for rain outs, or shortages for the State Series, we ran them. We do whatever we can FOR THE KIDS!!!!!