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Ant –

EHT does not race again until July 11th on Tuesday night. They are closed this Tuesday for the holiday. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I asked someone at HC BMX about closing the track for P-Burgh, and they said it was because most of the volunteers, etc, have kids and/or are racers going to P-Burgh, so there is not enough people to run the track.

Now, I do not know enough yet about the going-ons in this state, but my thought is there has to be enough people who would want to race a local that could have pulled off a race at HC this weekend if the word was put out there. Maybe they could have posted a “race pending” notice of some sort. As of now, due to stuff beyond my control, I am flipping my schedule to go to P-burgh. If some things had not come up, I would have gone to Woodbridge instead and would have gladly helped run a race at Flemington this weekend.

And MacD, I see you are new(er) to some of the veteran threads where we air it out. Let me assure you that most of us are not looking to turn back the clock, though we do miss certain things that made our glory days what they were, but most, if not all, of us agree that this is 2006 and a certain amount of evolution is inevitable. Still, I am not a big fan of clips. I think they are too dangerous.