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Yea man!
Things are changing in NJ, and all us crazies can do it. I’d also like to say that the people I know on the board, Janeen, Scott, Nancy and Lisa all are open to ideas and are looking for people to step up. It’s just that there’s been so much apathy for so long now, some things seem impossible….
sorta like flair double tailwhips on vert a few years ago…hehe…
Chris Vliet at Egg Harbor is really stepping up down there and busting his butt to get things going, so you might want to give him a holler at the next race.
Get the packet, I already got the Fla promo letter that another person sent me and I’m going to put that up over the weekend on the site.
So we’ll just keep moving along…
I can talk here all I want but without me actually doing something….well…then….I’m just a loud mouth knucklehead…
back to work!