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I agree, Bret something needs to be done but any talk of changing things at a national level is misguided,(although rider1 that would be a good idea). We cant even get the management at a certain south jersey track that will not be named but is in egg harbor to listen. The State director Quitand the nbl cant or won’t do anything. This state is in shambles. I hope the group of veterans can start to change things.One problem as I see it it that it is the only sport that relies on the state level to get anything done. You don’t see indvidual soccer clubs relying on NJYSA to get players. A while ago, My father in law attempted to start a track in Mt. Holly. He got in touch with the State commish in Florida( at the time the NJ commish couldn’t bother) and they sent us their promotional packet. Talk about thorough. It had everything, even ways to get riders. Brett, I will speak to him and get you a copy if you want.