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Wow, there seem to be some bitter people here. Let me start by saying that I do agree with some of what is said but I would like to know how a discussion on how to get riders more involved in the decision making turned into a screw everyone but x’s and pros conversation.

I agree with the writer when he said that people in charge have overstayed their welcome, but to say that (I might have misunderstood this) only current parents or former riders should make decisions is laughable. I will use the same analogy that was in another post( by the way baseball is an olympic sport as is girls softball). What owner in any sport is a former pro? Answer: not many . How about front office personell? Answer again not many.

I have a son in bmx and we ride in both the nbl and the aba. The aba runs what you are talking about – only x’s and pros with nat numbers. The problem with that is very few riders can attain this in the eastern half of the country. How about this – no regionals, period. That cuts out 5 weekends that could be spent at locals. Next, I don’t think that eliminating the rookie and novis classes at nationals would do anything. Who would travel 10 hours to see 15 motos? The couple of days leading up to a national are some of the most exciting days for my son along with the travel and the competition. It would be like taking a lollypop from a baby. That can’t be the answer.

Last, and I am sorry for the length of this rant, this is NOT 1980. I know that some of you would like to be but it is not. The tracks are set up differently, so what. The use of clips, which my son uses, is different. Sounds like sour grapes. This is possibly the worst. Every conversation eventually comes back to clips. I am tired, tired, tired of hearing it. There is a section where you can complain about it all you want, veterens group. I guess that we all should go back to the moto style bike that was used in the 70’s. How about we go back ot holding up the gate with our hands? Or how about class based on weight and height instead of age and proficiency? There is one word that can discribe it best, evolution. Not all changes are good but change is inevitable. The collective experience in bmx that regularly shows up here should be able to come up with ideas that are both good and progressive. We would not want the NFL to go back to no forward passing, even if there is a segment that remembers it fondly, would we? I say move forward not backwards. That is why I come to this site, Brett is doing everything he can think of to help grow the sport but you don’t hear him crying out to the bmx gods” why oh why can’t it be exactly like it was 30 years ago!!!” Brett sees(Ithink) the futility in this thinking and chooses to put his energy to better use, like the hangars and the flyers. By the way, Brett, if you hand out flyers to parents and ask the kids to shower there neighborhoods with them that may work.

I was not trying to offend anyone, just trying to focus energy in the right direction.

thanks for everything Greg Hill. My son Is really working hard.