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Craig, the part about how it would hurt the sport, you hit it, that’s what would be said. The truth of the matter, is it would hurt their pockets!!! Think about how many beg, rookie, nov and what ever classes are there, thats bucks for the association!!! Every rider is a dollar sign. And the way they market it WE ALL KEEP following the travelling circus
Now, if they did make it more like supercross, that would cut down attendance at the Nats, so where would the money come from? No where, unless the sport is marketed, to get BIG CORPORATE SPONSORS. That would be harder than the taveling ATM machines they have created. Think about it, it really is a decent business the way it is run, and they don’t have to get any huge amounts of sponsorship money to keep them going. Just wave those plates in front of people like bait, and watch em come!!!!