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I don’t claim to know alot about Supercross, but from what I have seen, they obviously get some TV time and get spectators in the seats. I am sure a certain amount of these spectators are the younger lesser experienced riders. If the nats were scheduled right, would we get enough of the novs & rookies to go out and pay to watch a race?????

By getting the TV time, and by having big events scheduled properly and in strategic locations, they generate the exposure to get the younger dudes fired up and I’m sure a more vibrant and growing local scene. So it sounds like less but more strategically located and promoted nationals without Rookies and Novs, plus with better exposure = a better growing local scene and overall healthier sport. Sounds easy enough, right? 😯

I know getting TV time is not something that happens overnight, but in the age of the internet, there has got to be a cost effective way to do webcasts of the Nats, possibly even live. Or am I talking out my a** on this one? Just throwing ideas out there. That could be a way to bring the big races to the the folks who want to see them but couldn’t or can’t make it to the “stadium” to see the race.

I bet the sanctions would say if we have less nationals we are going to hurt the sport, but I think we all know that we need more opportunities to grow the local scene. Ultimately the two depend on each other, right?

Thats my thoughts for now.

…and no RVs were hurt in the making of this post.