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Crazy day Wednesday (for legit reasons) but even so I went for a good 30 minute recovery ride (raced Tuesday night) by my parents house on the cruiser (had it in the mini-van with me). The funny part is I was still in a polo shirt and slacks from the office, but luckily had casual dress shoes on with rubber soles (long story, but did not let it stop me from getting out there). Kept a good steady pace / good RPMs, almost like being on an excercise bike, except with more purpose and better scenery. I know its not part of a recovery ride, but I used the sidewalks a little during the last 10 minutes to work on manuals (wish I did not miss day two!!). Tonight I will get in a good round of sprints. No racing in Jersey this weekend (P-burgh), as of now going to Woodbridge nat, so I have a week & half of good training ahead of me.